Welcome to Amber Inc Studios!!!

You have made the right choice choosing Amber Inc Studios.

We are a small up and coming music production firm operating in  the south of Adelaide. We specialize in singer/songwriter projects, but are a fully functional studio that can track full bands. 

  We are not genre specific, but specialize in singer/songwriter pop, rock, and country.
You need your musical ideas and talents showcased to the world, and we can help.

Let us help you take your music to the next level today!!!


  • Professional Mic placement
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Professional producing/coaching to inspire the best performance possible from you

$100 per 4 hr block session
$90 per 3 hr block session
$80 per 2 hr block session


  • MinorPitch Correction
  • Drum Editing and Tightening
  • Multi-track comping
  • Timing adjustments

$65 per song up to 2.5 hours 


  • Exclusive listening session to pull the best parts out of your song, to make an ordinary song extraordinary
  • Proper Gain Staging to balance out your mix
  • EQ to help your tracks all stand out in the mix
  • Compression to create synergy
  • Tasteful effects to help bring your songs to their best potential  
  • You will receive High quality mp3  and wave files

$150 per song (includes up to 2 revisions)


  • Adding excitement through Minimal EQ and Compression
  • Balanced song or album continuity
  • Loudness
  • The final polish that makes your tracks pristine


  • Project Ideas
  • In-studio coaching
  • Musician/song selection
  • Manage all recording, mixing, and mastering sessions
  • Make sure that you track gets shaped and moulded in the best possible way

Our resident producer Stephen Butler is a singer/songwriter, musician, composer, and arrangement specialist that will assist you in getting the very best out of you, and your music.

Additional producer services are available on a case by case basis, cost is at the discrestion of the producer.

***Total Package Deals Available***

  • Single $300 per Song includes free producer coaching (0.5 hours)
  • EP up to 8 Songs $290 Per Song ~includes free producer coaching (1.5 hours)
  • Full Album up to 12 Songs $280 per Song~ includes free producer coaching and advice (2.5 hours)
  • If you do 11 songs, the 12th is free!!

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